Sebastian in the books.

Star Sign                  Leo

Species                    Pomeranian, Dog

Status                       Alive

Class                       Citizen

Ability                     Fire

Age                         19

Sex                           Male

Residence                StarChildren

Mate(s)                     Lilly (Sandie for a short time)

Name Meaning         Man from Sebaste

First Appearance      Episode One

Eye Color                  Changes

Pelt Color                  Gold

Sebastian Thomas (セバスチャ都真寿,  Sebasutian Tomasu) is the protaganist of Sebastian's Rein. He is a golden Pomeranian.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sebastian has golden fur that is long and fluffy, and is somewhat chubby. His eyes seem to change between purple and brown. His nose is pink.

Anime and Manga AppearancesEdit

Sebastian appears only a little in the anime--for the first 5 episodes--then the intro changes and Rider becomes the protaganist of the rest of the series.

In the animeEdit

He first appears as a pet when his owner abandons him, and Canine takes him to the StarChildren as a pup.

When an adult, it is revealed he has the ability of fire and accidentally blasts it at Skye--revealing he cannot control his power. Canine, however, wanted to help, but his ability is Storm.

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