Sandie (Sandra in the Anime and Manga)

Sandie in the Books.

Star Sign                   Scorpio
Status                        Alive
Class                         Empress
Ability                       Storm and Metal
Origin                       New York City
Age                          16
Sex                          Female
Mate(s)                     Rider
Name Meaning       Vicious Storm
Residence                StarChildren (formerly                                          Banzai Clan)
Species                   Fennec Fox
First Appearance      Episode 2 (Chapter 2)

Pelt Color                Light yellow, pale gold, and                                 dark gold

Eye Color                Brown

Sandra Falls (Sandie in the books) is a sturdy, tall, Fennec fox with unusually superb hearing and poor vision. She wears eye glasses in the anime and manga because her vision is bad. She is the smartest of the StarChildren --along with Rider and Lilac .


Sandra is the only Scorpio of the StarChildren. She possesses both the ability of Metal and the ability of Storm.

Her physique is ideal and her fur shimmers in moonlight. Sandra is a Fennec Fox with a dark gold crest, dark gold  lining on her eyes, behind her ears, and her bushy tail the remains are mostly light gold with some off white detail around her eyes, inside her ears, and around her chest and paws. In the manga and anime, she wears eye glasses due to poor vision and a blue bandanna around her forehead. Her teeth are unusually sharp (like steel knives) and her claws are indestructable and powerful (like diamond shards)

The Personality in the series

Sandie is humble, honest,

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